Emprise Corporation is proud to announce that, as part of our continuing commitment to Key Lakes, the M/V Great Republic becomes the ninth Great Lakes Fleet vessel submitted to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for acceptance into its Continuous Survey Program.

Emprise Corporation, as an ABS-certified External Specialist for Condition Monitoring (CM), provided CM services to the M/V Great Republic that included machinery selection, nameplate data collection, test point installation, customized setup, data analyses, report submission, and follow-up with ABS to track the application process from submission through acceptance.

Condition Monitoring benefits the maritime industry through its early detection of machinery problems. Early detection maximizes vessel productivity, minimizes unscheduled downtime, minimizes the number of open and inspect repair routines, and increases machine service life.

Continuing vessel support services include quarterly analysis and annual crew training as well as thermographic surveys. As part of this service, Emprise Corporation provides the M/V Great Republic with the hardware, maintenance, and calibration services necessary for quarterly vibration data collection. Emprise has been providing these services to all vessels in the Great Lakes Fleet since 2001.

Emprise Corporation’s staff commands over 50 years’ experience in the commercial and maritime industries, experience that is readily available to design Condition Monitoring programs to suit the needs of any customer.

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