Emprise Corporation is currently embarked on a major rebranding effort, according to Graphic Designer Sergio Barrera.

“Branding” refers to the creation of an overall visual connection to a company and the services it provides. Our intensive search for an updated, just-right visual identity for the corporation itself and the products we provide also includes an image for marketing, recruitment, and Emprise’s logo. According to Mr. Barrera, “perceived value of a service or product is usually what people experience prior to actual value.” Just as people often “judge a book by its cover,” so, too, do they form an impression of a corporate entity based on their experience with that company. The company identity needs to reflect both the company’s perception of itself and the researched, avowed perception of employees and customers.

Compiling the results of a survey he created, Mr. Barrera notes that the most frequently expressed impressions of Emprise have been such things as “quality,” “reliability,” and “good service,” among others. He emphasizes that extensive research has been conducted in learning Emprise’s history, goals, products and services, employees, and customers: research leading to knowledge of how Emprise is perceived.

Mr. Barrera is currently working on sketches of several options that combine the way Emprise wishes to be seen with the way it is perceived into a single, coherent visual system. Each option is the product of the creative process itself, with time allotted for thinking and conceptualizing. He explains that the next month or two will involve evaluation by corporate principals and narrowing of the options, with a decision to be announced soon. Emprise’s web site will ultimately reflect his rebranding efforts, as will indeed every aspect of the company that can be expressed visually.

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